KOURASANIT’s showroom is located in Moscow’s famous shopping mall, where KOURASANIT’s products, coupled with the cutting-edge contemporary feel of the showroom, have created a unique setting. The impressive table from our Objects and Furniture range is one of the showroom’s most striking features, showcasing all the rocks and minerals that go into making KOURASANIT’s products. Visit the showroom where our partners are ready to inspire your new design with information about the endless choices KOURASANIT’s product range has to offer.

Technical Light Center
10 Nizhnyaya Siromyatnicheskaya str, Moscow
build 3, floor 1-2, of. 55-57
P.C. 105120

Центр Технического Света
ул. Нижняя Сыромятническая 10 ,  г. Москва 
стр.3, этаж 1-2,офис 55-57 
P.C. 105120
Τ: (007) 985 999 38 10, (007) 985 765 95 92